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Foto of project team at first General Assembly Project Meeting
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This week we completed our first entirely digital project meeting. The meeting was split into 3 sessions of 4 hours on April 4th, 11th and 12th. With project partners from 5 EU Member States and colleagues in India, we want to live sufficiency throughout the project. With our entirely digital meeting we avoided greenhouse gas emissions particularly for long distance transport. The first day was centred around ongoing research in the second work package on the definition of sufficiency and refinement of our research design. The second day, we discussed the starting work on workpackage 3 which is centered around individual sufficiency with interviews and a survey that will be conducted. Furthermore, we discussed communication activities and ideas for citizen science activities. The third day included presentations on the status of work package 4 (sufficiency in municipalities and intentional communities) as well as a discussion on the international dimension of sufficiency and policies for lifestyle change.

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