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Bird lovers, stargazers and programmers – many citizens are hobby researchers in a large variety of disciplines. They collect, measure, fotograph, map and code because they are inquisitive and intrinsically motivated. Some of them become recognized experts.

Citizen science takes these scientists on board for scientific research projects. The citizens participate in single research tasks such as contributing to data collection and monitoring or in the development of code. In some cases they are even involved in the complete process of the project.

 One of the first projects conducted this way was the Christmas Bird Count in 1900. All over the United States of America people participated to assess the population of birds. Another successful example is the project “Galaxy Zoo”, in which thousands of volunteers participated to classify galaxies.

These examples show the potential of a cooperation between scientists and citizens. Also for FULFILL we need you!

Your contribution to FULFILL

Within FULFILL we want to show policy makers and other citizens examples for how
sufficiency lifestyles are already enabled all across the European Union.

This comprises : 


with their experiences to
live sufficiency lifestyles


that contribute with their
activities locally to
implement principles of
sufficiency in the daily life
of citizens

Municipalities &
Regional Governments

laws and change
infrastructures to give
their inhabitants the
freedom to live sufficiency
in certain aspects of their


that contribute with their
activities to facilitate
sufficiency lifestyles

Us as

who want to conduct our
European research
project with sufficiency as
a principle for our work

Stay updated for more information about our interaction with you soon!

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