Dr. Elisabeth Dütschke 

Coordinator of Business Unit Actors and Social Acceptance in the Transformation of the Energy System, Fraunhofer ISI

Dr. Sabine Preuß

Researcher at Fraunhofer ISI

Abigail Alexander-Haw

Researcher at Fraunhofer ISI

Virginie Seigeot 

Project Coordinator at Fraunhofer ISI

Prof. Dr. Joachim Schleich

Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer ISI

Dr. Josephine Tröger

Dr. Josephine Tröger, Researcher at Fraunhofer ISI

Fiona Breucker

Research Fellow for Energy Sufficiency at the Jacques Delors Energy Center

Alicia Barbas

Events & Communication Officer for the Jacques Delors Energy Center

Sabine Rabourdin

Researcher at négaWatt

Mathilde Djelali

Researcher at négaWatt

Adrien Toledano

Researcher at négaWatt

Yves Marignac

Senior consultant at négaWatt

Aurore Flipo

Coordinator of social science and humanity research at négaWatt

Janis Brizga

Head of the board at the NGO Green Liberty

Kārlis Lakševics

Anthropologist and researcher at the University of Latvia and Green Liberty

Gunnar Boye Olesen

Coordinator, Researcher, leader of the Secretariat of INFORSE-Europe

Judit Szoleczky

Project Manager, Researcher at INFORSE-Europe

Ida Staats Bilander

Project Research and analysis at INFORSE-Europe

Hans Haake

Researcher at Wuppertal Institute

Dr. Philipp Schepelmann

Senior scientist at the Wuppertal Institute

Sebastian Schuster

Researcher at Wuppertal Institute

Lorenzo Pagliano

Director at Master RIDEF 2.0 – Politecnico di Milano

Andrea Roscetti

Researcher at USI Università della Svizzera Italiana 

Roberto Vaccaro

Researcher at Institute for Renewable Energy at Eurac Research