Citizen Science Workshop n°2 in Barcelona

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FULFILL recently held its second citizen science workshop on July 14th in Barcelona, Spain at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology school of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

The workshop came in collaboration with the LIPHE4 MuSIASEM Summer School on energy transitions: Diagnosing wishful thinking and identifying critical vulnerabilities. 

We had our 20 participants circulate the room in a world café style to respond to the following questions for the topics of Transport, Food, Housing, and Items

  • Sufficiency habit and/or social practice 
  • Barriers (what keeps me from doing this?)
  • What policies and infrastructures are needed to overcome these barriers? 
  • Benefits 

Finally, participants presented their policy recommendations and voted on their favorites directly on our Citizen Engagement page! 

Here are some of the results from the vote: 

Top voted transport policy: Forbid private ownership of motor vehicles. There will be administrative, normative, habit, and market adjustments or some car-dependent practices will have to disappear

Top voted food policy: Education – promote local/national food education/technology, community gardens and cooking classes to inform about food production, scarcity, waste

Top voted housing policy: It was a tie!

  • Have a set percentage of public housing
  • Tax secondary houses (ex. holiday houses) to really disincentivize having 2 and more houses (that are empty most of the time)

Top voted items policy: Curtail advertisement in public spaces and ban billboards

Have a scroll below to check out what some of the participants wrote about these 4 sectors!