FULFILL Expert Roundtable n°1

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FULFILL recently held its first expert roundtable in Brussels on June 27th, 2023! 

The roundtable brought together representatives of local NGOs, the European Commission, and other institutions in order to discuss the implementation of sufficiency at micro (local), meso (municipal), and macro (national and EU) levels. 

The event began with a presentation by Elisabeth Dütschke from Fraunhofer ISI on the FULFILL project, and was followed by a presentation by Michael Buschka from the Wuppertal Institute on some of the project results related to local sufficiency initiatives. Finally, Yves Marignac from the négaWatt Association presented on what sufficiency looks like at the policy level

After these presentations, participants split into three different groups representing sufficiency at the micro, meso, and macro levels. They rotated in a world café style and held a variety of fruitful discussions, which they also wrote down on their common posterboards.

Check out some of the photos and results below!